Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Something that ISN'T a picture

So a little update and to give you all a break from the photo a day thing.

This month I wanted to drink less Coca-Cola and more water. I'm doing alright on that. I'm managing to not drink a Coke a day which is good. I'm drinking way more water which is also good! I'm not tracking how much I'm drinking because I'm lazy like that but I do know I am drinking more water and more consistently through out the the day.

I also wanted to move more and work on my posture. Still works in progress. I haven't wanted to go out much as it's been freaking cold here. I'm just going to have to start sucking it up and make myself get outside a bit each day. I do think I've found a home work out plan that will work for me. Details coming in January. As for posture I have a post it note above my computer reminding me to have good posture.

As for sleep it's also a work in progress. I think most nights I'm getting a solid sleep in. I'm still trying to figure out the best routine for me. This will probably be a continuation into January.

I've been pretty good on the Christmas treats mainly as I haven't received many yet nor done my Christmas baking yet. I'm starting that today and I will not pig out.

And well as you noticed I've been really good on the picture a day thing. I've been enjoying it and it's been a guaranteed way of getting regular posts up.

Hope you're all enjoying the Christmas season!

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  1. I switched from soda to green tea a couple of years ago. I still miss the soda some but I have grown to like the tea.