Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Plans

Welcome to 2014! I hope that it's happy, healthy and FANTASTIC!

You might have noticed that I dropped off for the last 2 weeks of December and I didn't complete the Picture a Day.

And I'm okay with that. Life (in a good way) got in the way and something had to give. So it was picture a day. I did enjoy the ones I did get posted and it's something I might try again down the road.

On to my plans for 2014.

My Happiness Project!

I shall post each month my goals for that month and try to update throughout the month.

January is all about taking care of myself. When I take the time and effort to feel my best I'm happier and I'm also able to better take care of those around me.

To take care of myself there are little and big things that are going to happen.

In no particular order things I want to accomplish are:

Brushing my teeth twice a day for the recommended two minutes. I admit I always brush my teeth in the morning but not at night and I'm lazy and don't brush long enough. I should though because I have a fancy shmancy toothbrush that has a timer.

Drink more water and cut out pop. This I started back in December and was all over the place on this one. By the end of January I hope to be consistently drinking approximately 8 glasses a day. This will be one of my harder challenges I expect.

Workout 3 times a week. I have a plan in place. I'm using Body By You by Mark Lauren. This is a work out at home plan. This means I don't have to leave the house and I really shouldn't have an excuse to not work out.

Meal Planning. I eat better when I plan out my dinners and it's less stressful too.

Get my nails into better shape. They're prone to ripping and I want to stop that. I have strengthening products; I just need to use them regularly.

Boy that seems ambitious....but I'm serious about this because I know in the long run this is the best thing for me.


  1. Small steps lead to large gains in the long run. I hope you will have a hearty and happy new year.